Directpath Consulting offers on-site and offshore professional technical consulting services.

Performance Engineering and Tuning
IT Architecture design and Hardware Sizing
Performance Testing & QA
Business Intelligence
Custom IT consultation

Results of our consulting services:

Better ROI:- When the business users hit performance issues, the growth of the business is restricted. We remove the bottlenecks and make the existing systems to perform better and faster. This will give more business benefits from existing investments on IT setup.

More cost savings:- Performance tuning can avoid costly hardware upgrades and huge IT expansions costs

Different types of testing can pin point and magnify the performance issue lying in the system when exposed to large user loads. This will ensure the readiness of the systems for larger user loads. It can also detect issues such as CPU spikes, Memory leaks in the applications etc.

These consulting services are lower in costs as compared to other MNC's.

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